Why Football Is One of the Most Popular Sports in The World

Why Football Is One of the Most Popular Sports in The World

Lush green fields, incredibly fit, eleven quick players sprinting across it, two different sides but with one target in mind: a small, leather ball, firm enough to kick across through the air and into a goal.

There’s a mounting excitement with each pass, a tension with each missed goal and pain with each point scored by the opponent. People train for years before playing in bigger tournaments for bigger teams and names. Around 250 million players from across the world participate in this sport, and millions more aspire to follow suit.

People eagerly watch, gauge and support their favorite teams and players without wavering. Some of them scream when their team loses, feeling the devastation in every fiber of their being; others cry tears of joy when their favorites come home with the cup.

Football is definitely a universally loved sport.

What makes football so popular?

Football, soccer, whatever you call it, is a sport that’s incredibly popular across the world. From European stadiums and training fields, to the streets of Bangkok, you will find people of every age, regardless of gender, training hard and playing this sport.

football field

Whether they play because it’s fun and they wish to learn, or they play because they hope to play in the big leagues, representing their country at the highest level of competition in the FIFA World Cups, there’s an undying love for the game.

What is it about this sport, though, that gets people so excited?

Sense of Camaraderie

To see a team of players come together, setting aside their differences and work toward a common goal—which is literally the goal—and okay with dedication to their club, or national team is moving. Football is not only a display of camaraderie on the field, it’s also like that for those watching as communities come together.

Riles Up Emotions and Excitement

It’s an emotionally charged sport and gets people feeling all sorts of intense waves of anger, excitement and pure joy. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, peaking and falling, making it a great outlet for audiences.

Universally Played

This is a major selling point for football. It’s played across the world in every city every village and every street corner has seen the joy of children and adults chasing after a ball, having a good time.


Safe, Inclusive and Accessible

Despite being so competitive and difficult to keep up with, football also happens to be incredibly inclusive. It’s a sport that doesn’t discriminate on gender, class or nationality, with players from every segment of society finding success.


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